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          1. Cutlery mould maker

            Cutlery mould maker

            Cutlery mould maker

            Plastic spoon mould packaging for shipment


            We think a good spoon mould design and construction is a key important step for plastic spoon mould manufacturing. To guarantee high quality plastic spoons, we analyze and determine the spoon mould structure from gates, runners, cooling system and ejector system to make sure the best solution are used. Also, we pay more attention to details, such as mould steel, mould base, mould accessories, plastic raw material selection, etc. We always send spoon mould design solution and drawings to customers for approval before tooling start.

            Our procedure for making a plastic spoon mould:
            Involved departments have a meeting to optimize the spoon mould design.
            Project Manager is appointed
            Spoon Mould design in process and approval
            Weekly report is submitted with digital pictures.
            T-1 samples is submitted
            Final tooling checking after spoon samples approved.
            Packaging work before shipment:
            1.Clean all the parts of the spoon moulds. Especially clean the inner surface of the core and cavity part.
            2.Spray the anti-rust oil for the inner surface.
            3.Close the spoon moulds.
            4.Spray the anti-rust oil for whole outer surface of the spoon mould.
            5.Cover the mould with plastic film.
            6.Pack wooden case with shipping marks.
            7.Load moulds into the container.
            Sent together with the spoon mould:
            One set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring etc.
            Markings for waterline, identification, eyebolt etc stamped.

            Contact Us

            E-Mail: qxmold@gmail.com
            Mobile: +86-576-84113258
            Whatsapp / Wechat:+86-13362679358
            Skype: qxmold@gmail.com

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            Mould Services

            .Engineering: reasonable mould structure, excellent cooling system, shorten the production cycle.
            .Management: reasonable arrangements for processing procedures, follow-up production schedule and promote on-time delivery.
            .Manufacturing: skilled machine operators and moldmaking workers, high-precision CNC equipments.
            .Customer service: provide professional English hotline and email with quick responce 24 hours a day.

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