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          1. Mould Making

            Mould Making

            • The cutlery moulds that made by QX Mould are mostly used in cutlery mould , knife fork spoon mould , folding cutlery mould and so on. QX Mould designs and develops product according the requirements of customers. we control mould quality and date of delivery. We could manufacture cold runner mold and hot runner mold. and 16 cavities to 64 cavities according the specifications of the product and injection molding machine.
              QX Mould is China professional cutlery moulds manufacturer.
              Core & Cavity Steel: H13, S136, 718 etc or according to customer's require.
              Product material: PP, PS etc or according to customer's require.
              Mould base: S45C, S50C or LKM
              Cavity: 16, 24, 32, 48, 64
              Runner: hot runner / Cold runner
              Mould Life: More than 1 million shots
              Specification: All size of available
              Design Software: UG, CATIA, PROE, OUT CAD
              Packing: wooden case
              Shipment: FOB Ningbo / shanghai

              Mould Making Process

              1. Mould design

              The design is 3D, basic mold design information will be present, such as mold size, gate way, parting line, ejection way, cavities layout, mechanical design etc. Depends on the complexity, a complete mold design would need 3-7 days. Some of the complex projects require mold flow analysis or frequent updates of custom design, it could take much more time.
              Detailed drawing would help your company to do maintenance at your facility very easy as well, such as modification on mold or wearing parts changing.

              2. Mould Steel Purchasing

              mould steel can be ordered immediately after design get confirm, if mould need hot runner system could take much longer time to get back, all of this procedure need to be track closely if you don't want to cause any delay on next step.

              3. Mould Rough Machining

              The mould steel need first to be sized, milling, drilling, lather are the main process way to get the rough shape or the cavity /core. Normally 0.15-0.3 mm steel left for precision machining later.

              4. Heat treatment

              After rough machining, internal stress would be created during machining, do heat treatment to get certain hardness and internal balance, such as H13, S136, it usually need to be harden to HRC45-48.

              5. Mould Finish Machining

              To get designed dimension, the CNC process of precision machining is much slower than rough machining, also the steel hardness is much higher.
              .CNC 3 to 8 axis high speed milling, turning.
              .CNC Grinding
              .Conventional and CNC machining centers
              .Wire-Cutting Machine

              6. Finish and fitting

              After all the components are finished and prepared, mold maker collects them all and assemble them by following the design drawing. core or cavity need to be polishing.

              7. Mould trial

              Mould on the injection moulding machine to the trial. plastic parts and injection parameter send to customer.

            • plastic mould making

              plastic mould making

              plastic mould making

              plastic mould making

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            E-Mail: qxmold@gmail.com
            Mobile: +86-576-84113258
            Whatsapp / Wechat:+86-13362679358
            Skype: qxmold@gmail.com

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            Mould Services

            .Engineering: reasonable mould structure, excellent cooling system, shorten the production cycle.
            .Management: reasonable arrangements for processing procedures, follow-up production schedule and promote on-time delivery.
            .Manufacturing: skilled machine operators and moldmaking workers, high-precision CNC equipments.
            .Customer service: provide professional English hotline and email with quick responce 24 hours a day.

            .Cutlery mould: .spoon mould .fork mould .knife mould .cup mould .thin wall mould .tray mould .folding cutiery mould .coffee stick mould

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