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          1. Spork Mould

            • disposable spork moulddisposable spork mould

              disposable spork mould

              Item No.: QX-7004

              Plastic material: PP

              Cavities: 24

              Part Size: 140x32MM

              Part Weight: 2.8G

              Runner Type: cold runner

            • spork mouldspork mould

              spork mould

              Item No.: QX-7003

              Plastic material: PS

              Cavities: 32

              Part Size: 168x32MM

              Part Weight: 2.4G

              Runner Type: one point center hot runner

            • spork mouldspork mould

              spork mould

              Item No.: QX-7002

              Plastic material: PP

              Cavities: 38

              Part Size: 160x30MM

              Part Weight: 2.6G

              Runner Type: cold runner

            • spork mouldspork mould

              spork mould

              Item No.: QX-7001

              Plastic material: PP

              Cavities: 18

              Part Size: 155x30MM

              Part Weight: 2.5G

              Runner Type: cold runner

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